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Liverpool Jeans

Ron, owned and operated successful apparel brands such as City Girl and co-operated NYDJ. Jill was CEO of Denimhead, a widely subscribed denim service which provided new innovations and trends in the denim world. They came together with the mission to design jeans with the latest technology for all ages and demographics at the best value. Liverpool was born, offering high quality denim with unique fabric blends, advancements in fit solutions for under $100.

Champaign Surplus now carries Liverpool Jeans

Native Eyewear

To live in the spirit of the native is to live the life you want to live ... not the one you have to live. It's pursuing your dreams with the best gear, the right companions and a free spirit, tempered only by an enduring respect for the world that is your playground. That's why you wear Native: it's genuine performance eyewear, made for lives that are too amazing to be seen through an ordinary lens.

Champaign Surplus now carries Native Eyewear

Samuel Hubbard

In 1930, Samuel J. Katz began the Hubbard Shoe Company, a small children’s shoe factory in Rochester, New Hampshire. He spent his life working with shoes, as did his son, Saul Katz, who entered the family business in 1943. As a family-owned business, they made footwear with a great deal of pride and attention to the smallest details. In 1973 Hubbard Shoe closed its doors, as did many New England shoe factories when shoemaking moved offshore to cheaper labor markets. That year, Bruce Katz joined his father, Saul, and started a new shoe business.Thus was born the new Katz family shoe business — The Rockport Company — where they were able to create their own shoe brand and to set high standards for every shoe. Building on a tradition that goes back nearly 85 years, they launched The Samuel Hubbard Company in 2014, once again, as a family business. In Samuel Hubbard shoes there are no compromises in comfort and craftsmanship. When there is a better method, they do it that way. When there is better leather or material, they use that. In presenting each new and innovative design, they honor their past and what they have learned over the past 85 years.

Champaign Surplus now carries Samuel Hubbard


Onewheel inventor and chief engineer Kyle Doerksen spent 8 years designing consumer and technical products at IDEO a global design and innovation firm. He holds multiple engineering degrees from Stanford University. The idea for Onewheel evolved as he needed to walk a mile to work and dreamed of a better way to get there. He grew up in the Canadian Rockies as an avid snowboarder and wanted to bring the feeling of snowboarding to pavement. Electric vehicles are his passion and Onewheel is an expression of the true freedom and excitement that electric vehicles can achieve.

Champaign Surplus now carries OneWheel

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